FileLister download information

FileLister can be obtained at lkernAT's filelister page. :-)
or at Freecode.
Also FileLister is open source and we provide our CVS to the public.

Please note:
Rewrite of FileLister to work with mod_perl is done. Support for the old FileLister will be dropped! The new FileLister is available in two versions: Apache-FileLister and Apache2-FileLister. The difference is:

  • Apache-FileLister should be used with Apache 1.3/mod_perl 1.2x
  • Apache2-FileLister should be used with Apache 2.x/mod_perl 2.x.x/
Please also note, that Apache2-FileLister is still a work in progress and - currently - must be used with Apache2::compat to work properly. Please don't hesitate to contact us, in case you want to help us!

A lot of work went into FileLister allready and a few features (for details please have a look at the README) have been removed with V2.x. As nobody - AFAIK - used those features.

Version 2.x also uses the Dir::List perl-module, which does hold the main Dir-Listing stuff now and makes development of FileLister easier.