Nothing great to see here yet - sorry.

This page was initially created for all our projects. And now there is only one listed - well we do work on more, but this is the only that has public availability yet...

Listed projects:

  • FileLister
  • BackupD - project dead
  • DNSBL (links directly to the project) - project dead
  • Config::YUM
  • RPM2::LocalInstalled
  • Dir::List (split of functionality from FileLister)
  • URL::Grab (split of functionality from Config::YUM)
  • RPMSearch - project dead
  • There are also a few other projects goin' on, that don't have a project page yet, as they are not even alpha quality. Those projects may reside within the public cvs, but it's very unlikely. We also manage a private cvs, for trusted people... But I'd like to mention them in short words:

    • Some billing application for lkernAT (didn't work on that a long time :-/) - dead project
    • dyndns - A free service, like dyndns - written in Perl;Obsoleted by
    • no name yet - A sendmail milter, that should do some logging of hostnames, helos, connection counts, the number of spam/non spam seen and provide an analyzation for this. Used to track hosts that send a lot of spam -> will go into the spam list. - dead project
    • RPMS - There are a lot of RPMs, that we do provide, that can be found at - Obsoleted by Fedora Project
    • rpmD - You must think of it like the rhnsd provided by RedHat, but providing this expensive enterprise level service on a cheaper basis with support for yum, instead of up2date and for use with Fedora. - Obsoleted by Spacewalk
    • MailScanner bl/wl listing - SQL based blacklisting/whitlisting for MailScanner - currently in use at lkernAT. Have a look at our CVS, if you like more information about it. - dead project
    • RPM build env - A split of, of the Fedora rpm build env, to support my own and my rpm developers needs (currently in use at lkernAT, uptime and ecetra). - Obsoleted by Koji